What does MacIntyre Chocolate Systems do?

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, located in Scotland, is a worldwide supplier of chocolate manufacturing and processing equipment. Part of HDM (Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken), we are happy to offer solutions for small, medium and large scale chocolate production.

My product takes longer to achieve the same particle size in the Refiner / Conche than it did before.

Possible reasons:

  • The toggles inside the machine need adjusted.
  • The grinding bars need to be reversed.
  • The lining and grinding bars need replaced.
  • Lecithin is being added to early.
  • Recipe or process has recently been changed.
My product made in the Refiner / Conche is difficult to temper.

Possible reasons:

  • Product over-refined producing a lower particle size and more viscous product which is difficult to temper.
  • Extraction fan has been switched off, resulting in additional moisture being retained in the mass.
Product is burning inside the Refiner / Conche around the central shaft / gland area.

Possible reasons:

  • Gland packing needs replaced.
  • The phosphor bronze glands have been tightened too much.
  • Refiner set temperature set too high.
  • Reduced flow from cooling system.
  • Cooling water temperature too high.
Large particles of unrefined produce remain at the end of the cycle.

Possible reasons:

  • If discharging manually with a small refiner / conche, unrefined sugar particles may be accumulated at the outlet. Discharge some product from the machine to clear.
  • Product has been loaded and has not allowed to mix properly before discharge.
What temperature can I refine white chocolate at?

40-45 degrees C.

What temperature can I refine milk chocolate at?

48-53 degrees C.

What temperature can I refine dark chocolate at?

55-60 degrees C.