Did you know?

  • Did you know that the MacIntyre Refiner / Conche is any excellent grinding machine - for grinding solids (containing fat) into liquid? Here are some uses -

Cocoa Nibs can be ground into liquor.

Nuts can be made into paste for making praline, chocolate / nut spreads, a variety of vegan products.

As the MacIntyre Refiner / Conche can basically grind a whole variety of recipes and ingredients which have a minimum fat content of 24%, we are ready to try YOUR suggestion here in our laboratory in Scotland.

Contact us with details of any application. We're ready and waiting for a taste of something new!

  • Did you know that the MacIntyre Refiner / Conche adds less metal in the refining and conching process than any other system we know of?

We regularly arrange an independent laboratory analysis of products produced on MacIntyre Refiner / Conches at various sites, having the metal content of the pre-mixed recipe measured against the finished batch (following refining and conching).

6-8 added parts per million, and lower. 

Ask the team for a copy of the latest certificate.

  • Did you know that the MacIntyre Refiner / Conche can produce as low as 10-15 microns? 

Some manufacturers believe that MacIntyre Refiner / Conche can not produce a smooth chocolate. This is simply not true. Anyone who believes this statement has a MacIntyre Refiner / Conche which has not been maintained properly.

MacIntyre Refiner / Conche which can not grind product down to a low particle size.

  • Did you know that most users of MacIntyre Refiner / Conches who are experiencing problems with their finished product are loading or processing incorrectly?

This is the case with half of our customers. We'd like to change this statistic so please contact us with any issues. We are here to help !! ?


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Refiner / Conche vs Ball Mill

It's official - there is more metal produced using a ball mill than a refiner / conche.