MacIntyre Chocolate Systems

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems is part of the HDM Group providing chocolate manufacturing and processing machinery to the world market. 

  • We have been offering solutions to our customers worldwide for decades. Being the originator of THE MacIntyre Universal Refiner/Conche, we can offer equipment for small to medium scale chocolate manufacturing through to the finished chocolate product.
  • MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, located in Scotland, is a worldwide supplier of chocolate manufacturing and processing equipment. Now part of HDM (Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken), we are happy to offer solutions for small, medium and large scale chocolate production.
  • From the manufacture of pure chocolates, compounds, truffles, cream fillings, etc, in our MacIntyre Refiner/Conches through to melters, storage tanks, product rework systems, Artisan Line for fine chocolate making and ancillary equipment.

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