Our service and maintenance team is available to support any questions you may have about your MacIntyre Refiner / Conche. 

If you have a question which cannot be answered by the "How to" videos in the Video section of our website, please contact our team by email at service-macintyre@h-d-m.com or calling + 44 (0) 1241 434 444. 

Our team is happy to assist with any question you may have in relation to: 

  • The operation of the refiner / conche or the HMI
  • Maintenance issues
  • Process questions. 

Maintenance Training service

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems offers a maintenance training service here in Arbroath and also recipe development and process guidelines for standard and new products.

Alternatively, our service team based in Scotland is available to visit your site and carry out any required maintenance procedures or replacement of wear parts on your behalf or working with your engineering team to give them these necessary skills for the future.

Additionally, MacIntyre service teams are available locally to assist you in South America, Asia and the Middle East.

For Next Generation MacIntyre Refiner / Conches where the EWON remote access module has been connected by the customer to the internet, remote support is available. Please contact the Field Service Team.


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