Here at MacIntyre our R&D team is always engaged at exploring and discovering new areas for development.

Although growing cocoa beans in Angus, Scotland, might seem a bit challenging – despite a desire to nurture a Scottish Criollo, Trinitario or Forastero - we appreciate the limits of being in the northern hemisphere, despite the surprising amount of sunshine in this particular part of Scotland!

Our team are here to work with customers, using their ingredients sourced from around the world, to achieve the best flavour possible.  Whether you’re looking for something completely new and different – a Scottish amethyst chocolate perhaps(!) – or something a little more regular like a rich dark chocolate or smooth milk chocolate but putting your very individual stamp on the recipe, we can help.

Our team regularly:

  • Assist to develop recipes matching both flavour and viscosity
  • Improve process methods for existing customers with the aim to shorten cycle times
  • Find a way to process using completely new ingredients and previously untried recipes (dependent on suitability for the Refiner/Conche)
  • Work with customers to find unique process solutions.

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We look forward to trying your new applications and suggestions are always welcomed by:

Linda Mather
Area Sales Manager